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We welcome any student, business professional, or company that wishes to learn how to implement Lean Six Sigma since it is a great methodology to obtain career advantages and work around your company’s processes and growth. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Toledo High School Students of Ohio, our team will provide all necessary information and resources to ensure that the methodology is properly inculcated and that every individual trained and certified can successfully work with it regardless of the industry or personal project they want to implement it in.

LSS has been used across many industries over the years, and we are confident when we say you shouldn’t feel limited about learning it just because it was for manufacturing mainly. 

Today, LSS is a versatile and flexible method that can be applied to any project or company, depending on how the practitioner uses it. We strongly recommend it to high school and college students so they can:

  • Get more credits.
  • Get some practice, something they are unable to do during school years.
  • Their curriculums will have a new element of great value that companies and businesses will look at when you apply for a job as a student or business professional.
  • If they are still in high school, they gain career advantages that will help them get jobs or college applications.

Six Sigma is a valuable tool that you won’t regret adding to your curriculum. Not only are we a company that uses it, but we also implement it in our personal and professional lives to test different outcomes and make sure each student reaps all of the benefits.

Six Sigma allows companies to quickly create a strategy. Although experts in creating and implementing strategies tend to focus on best practices, they often fail to realize that every company is unique and has different goals and needs. 

We want to work on the commercial side but also the personal and individual. This means that we need to be able to adapt the method to suit the needs of each person and the students that rely on us.

Our experts are the best, and you’ll learn everything thanks to our training and more services offered:

  • Training in Yellow Belt.
  • Green Belt Training.
  • Certificates are granted as requested, depending on the training received.
  • Leadership Excellence.
  • Innovation Consulting and Workshops.

We Are Here to Help

We are available to answer any questions about Six Sigma, as well as provide additional assistance such as Leadership Excellence and Innovation Consulting.

The methodology is also used in the Leadership option as it outlines all the principles and standards that will ensure that any professional or student can lead a group, focus on collaborative work, and draw out the best from all members of the team.

Our Innovation Consulting assists individuals and companies in developing better products and services. This helps them remain competitive while fostering an innovative mindset.

Contact our team to get answers to your questions and clear any doubts.